Old Rusty Cars Gallery

Old rusty cars-antique cars, historic & traditional with artistry, vintage cars, classic cars & rusty old trucks: they all lay in fields, old rusty cars & old rusty trucks & tow trucks with old rusty engines. Over time they are transformed from shiny road art to rustic art in the landscape, a nostalgic reminder of the past.

Hello, my name’s Ken Myers and welcome to Old Rusty Cars a website dedicated fine art prints of rusty relics from the past.

Old vintage cars: these are the built in the period from 1919 to 1930, a bygone age that seems to be surreal to our eyes, and the automobiles your grandfather knew to be real as a boy.

Old classic cars: the timeless and immortal automobiles build with enduring style and elegance, time has been kind to them and they will live on forever. The high priced vehicle of the day, the limited edition and custom coachwork dating from 1925 to 1948.

If you feel you would like to more about my photography-when a particular photograph was taken-what inspired me to take a photograph-what was I thinking at the time? Or, if you would like to purchase a photograph, or have any comments at all, then please feel free to contact me at Old Rusty Cars.